A Frequently Asked Questions

What are Points?

You can get Points by referring your friend to purchase a Plan and training.

What is skill training?

This is the main and big plan that will lunch soon... Here you can Learn Online and Physically.

What are Plans?

Our structured plans are the key to unlocking earning potential on this platform, which operates on a network-based system. With the purchase of these plans, you can unlock substantial income opportunities. Additionally, reaching higher ranks within the network rewards you with significant bonuses and incentives

How this website is working?

Our website is dedicated to empowering the younger generation to embrace technology and take confident steps forward. We regularly organize webinars to mentor FSC and BS students, providing them with guidance on achieving independence and success in the digital age.

What is technical training?

This training is of utmost importance as it assesses students' online potential and skillsets. Through this evaluation, we identify their strengths and areas for growth, enabling us to recommend the most suitable courses tailored to each student's needs.

What is basic training?

In basic training, we will guide you about internet and network, how to grow online, how to grow digitally and how we can earn money online... This training is very important for guidence.

Do you offer Internship after course?

Yes, we provide internship after completing course.

Are different fees for online and Physically courses?

Yes, the fee is different for online and physical classes, but if you achieve level 1 your fee will be half and on level 2 you can get free any course.

Do you offer courses Online?

We provide courses Online and Physically.

What is Online work?

You can start work online through freelancing or creating a channel of social media... We will guide you all about online work.

Which course do you offer?

we offer a variety of courses to earn Online, to know more about please contact us.

What is Doepma?

Through this platform, we are committed to supporting the younger generation by providing valuable learning opportunities. Our extensive range of courses is designed to equip them with essential skills, enabling them to work from the comfort of their homes. We believe in nurturing talent and fostering a pathway to financial independence. Join us on this journey of skill development and empowerment.